If you’re looking for a break that includes sun, sand, water, and warmth no matter what time of year, consider Port A as your next destination for fun and relaxation. While you may think making a reservation with a hotel booking site or through a travel agent is quick and easy, there are many benefits to directly booking accommodations for your stay. We have vacation rentals in Port A to fit your vacation needs and style!


Whether you book through a travel agent or a popular travel booking website, there are fees involved. It’s how the business makes its money. You may be able to book accommodations, flight, rental vehicle, and all the rest in one fell swoop, but that convenience comes at an extra cost. Those fees are calculated before check out, but you won’t know the total cost of your trip before you’re ready to input your credit card information.

When you book direct with The Dunes, you know exactly what you’ll be paying before you check out. Our booking tool gives you a subtotal, taxes, and fees (before pet fees) before you move on to the payment screen.


You clicked “Next” or a button on a large booking site and something went wrong. You call customer service and sit on hold for endless minutes, only to speak to multiple agents to finally get your needs met. Additionally, these agents likely work in a central call center, or even from home, and may know very little about Port A. When you book direct with The Dunes, you can call us up anytime during business hours. We’ll have knowledgeable, local employees available to answer your questions and help in any way you need.

It doesn’t stop at the booking process either. Once you’ve arrived and are enjoying your stay, should anything happen or a question or concern arise, you can call us and we’ll help remedy the situation as soon as possible.

No Cookie-Cutter Experiences

Just as our private, individual vacation homes are unique when compared with a hotel, so is the experience you get while staying with us. We know each guest is unique, and their vacation needs and style are unique, too. We tailor our services and guest experiences so you have a vacation that’s unique to you and your loved ones.

While the outdoors of your unit, like the entrance and balcony, may seem uniform, once you step inside, everything is different, from the décor inside to the amenities on your outside private space.

Targeted Questions with Targeted Answers

If you have a specific question, whether it’s about the rental itself or our condo community, we have the answer. Our employees are all local residents who know the ins and outs of Port A and the surrounding area, as well as The Dunes.

Popular vacation booking websites may have some basic information available, but locals have more in-depth knowledge and can answer those questions, as well as offer extra details, tips, and tricks to make your vacation better.

Don’t Settle for Less

Staying at a hotel in Port A is usually easy to book in addition to other travel needs like flights and rental cars. The trade-off is that hotels don’t typically offer the comforts and conveniences of home. A private rental with The Dunes does. No matter how long you’re here, you can pack light and make use of the in-unit laundry – no more overweight baggage fees, taking home dirty laundry, or squeezing in souvenirs.

While many hotels offer complimentary Wi-Fi, you’re sharing that connection with potentially hundreds of other guests. Your data may not be secure, and your connection will be slower due to the high traffic on the connection. Avoid sluggish speeds and enjoy the convenience of a private Wi-Fi connection. Confidently share pics and video of Port A adventures or send email updates to loved ones back home.

Know Before You Go

When you’re searching popular vacation booking websites, the information you get is minimal. You get a list of amenities, a short write-up about the property, and a few pictures. Browse our website! You’ll find all the information you need. From the basics like how many guests can stay, to a thorough walk through description of the property and numerous pictures, you won’t have to wonder what you’re getting. You’ll know what you need to pack, what you’ll need to get when you arrive, and all the property details you could need.

Unique Properties for Unique Guests

Each of our Port A beach rentals boast comfortable beds that feature comfortable pillows and mattresses, cozy sheets, and even cozier blankets to wrap yourself in for a good night’s sleep. Your mind may be on that good night’s sleep or much-needed nap, but you’ll also take a look around the room and notice the cohesive designs that run throughout the home – throughout living and private areas. The look may tie in a Port A beach theme or have an elegant vibe, while still giving each room its own personality and feel. Different fabrics and décor make each room stand out and add a bit of fun and style, rather than the plain and same furnishings and décor of a hotel room.

Many of our vacation rentals have multiple bedrooms, each one as beautiful and comfortable as the one before, so there’s no arguing about who sleeps where. In addition to that, some rentals even feature kid-friendly spaces they’re sure to claim as their own. Spacious closets and large dressers in each room give you the storage you need for all your items so you can unpack and live like you’re at home while on vacation, while in-unit laundry assures you’ll have clean clothes for every day of your trip.

Everything You Need

We hope you browse all of our vacation rental offerings before deciding on the one that fits your vacation needs and style. You can be rest assured that the pictures and walk-throughs of our rentals are as up to date as possible. We also let you know if there are any big changes in progress that may not be reflected in pictures due to incomplete work. You won’t arrive, then call us saying “this isn’t what I saw in the pictures on the website!” You won’t walk in to find drab colors, fabrics and furniture in disrepair, or outdated kitchen appliances. We want you to call us to say, “the pictures don’t do this place justice!”

Step in, look around at your home away from home, and feel all of your cares and worries wash away. Take in the open floor plan and scan the great room to find the perfect place you can kick up your heels, relax, and make the most of a Port A vacation. Everything is right there for you for vacation perfection. Large great rooms combine living, cooking, and dining functions so it won’t be hard to discover that place. Living areas host comfortable and stylish couches and chairs, some of which reflect the beach atmosphere. Many of our Port A rentals boast entertainment centers with large flat screen TVs, as well as all the electronics needed for movies, TV, and other digital entertainment. The Wi-Fi connection means streaming your favorite movies or shows when you can’t find a show on the local channels.

Spend Time Outside

Port A has plenty of opportunities for outdoor fun. When you don’t want to pack up the rental car or walk in the sun to find outdoor fun, take a dip in the community pool.

After a day of exploring and excitement, soak sore muscles in a hot tub. If the water isn’t where you want to be, take a seat in one of the multiple lounge chairs surrounding the pool or on the sun deck, or on your own private balcony or patio. Before the day begins, or any time of day, take your coffee or another drink out onto a private patio, balcony. Gather together for a meal cooked on a park-style community BBQ grill, then add the convenience of outdoor seating to enjoy a group meal al fresco. Select rentals even have outdoor games and activities to play in the green spaces to keep everyone busy inside and out.

Indoor Entertainment at Your Rental

You’ve made sure to experience and enjoy every outdoor activity and place to laze the day away. But you’re on vacation, so you don’t need a reason to stay in and play or lounge at your vacation rental. Select rentals feature a TV in every bedroom, as well as the living space, board games, toys, books, magazines, and many other items and activities that will keep boredom at bay when you spend a day in. With so much to do indoors and out, you’ll never hear the words “I’m bored!” when you stay in a vacation rental provided by The Dunes.

Special Needs and Requests Are Met

If you need items that will make your stay more comfortable, we can help. Make these requests before you arrive and we’ll be sure to have them ready and waiting. Whether it’s a crib and highchair for our littlest guests to extra amenities for accessibility, we’re here to work with you to make your vacation as relaxing as possible for everyone.

Know Where You’ll Be

When you’re looking for your dream vacation rental, you can browse all our rentals, or narrow your search. Browse by all rentals, number of bedrooms, amenities offered view, and more. No matter how you view our rentals, you’ll see information like the unit number and number of guests the unit hosts.

When you book with a hotel, you won’t know your unit number until you arrive to check in. When you book direct with The Dunes, you’ll know where to go and how to access your rental without having to wait to be assigned to a room you may not be satisfied with.

Repeat Guests

No matter how many times you stay in a hotel or resort, the staff won’t ever truly know you. Unless you stay for extended periods of time in the same room, your frequent guest status is just another detail in your profile.

If you’ve booked direct with The Dunes in the past, we’re excited to have you back! We hope we offered you top-notch memorable service on your first visit, and after getting to know you better during your previous stay, we can help make this stay and the next one even more special and unique.

We’re Local

We can’t stress this enough: we’re local! We are located in the Port A area and all of our employees are locals. From native Texans and Port A residents to transplants who have lived here for years, we know the area like the back of our hand. We can help with just about all your needs, too. If you need a last-minute reservation at a popular restaurant or are looking for insider discounts on your favorite attractions, we know the ins and outs and can help get what you need.


While booking sites and hotels offer discounts, you have to know where to look or who to ask. When you book direct, you’ll see available discounts while viewing the booking calendar, or another prominent spot on the website. You’ll get the down-low on military, senior, multi-unit, group, or other discounts the whole property or the specific rental are offering. They even spell out who qualifies for the discount and how, and whether there’s a promo code to apply or box to check to ensure the discount is applied at checkout.

Why Book with The Dunes?

When you book direct with The Dunes, you’ll enjoy homes as large as three bedrooms, for a Port A vacation everyone can enjoy in private. By booking direct, you’ll save money on travel agent and website booking fees – enough to add some extra spending money for fun Port A activities and experiences.

Contact us today to talk about all the reasons to book direct with The Dunes!