It may be hard to believe, but we are closer to summer’s end than we are to its beginning, making today the perfect time to start planning your last hurrah celebration, otherwise known as Labor Day weekend! And whether your kids are already back in school or Labor Day weekend also signifies the beginning of the new school year, everyone will be ready to relax, explore, and enjoy comfortable adventures in The Dunes’ beachside escapes! Spend your days enjoying all the fun activities we have listed in this guide to Labor Day in Port Aransas and spend your nights enjoying happy dreams and all the comforts of home; this end-of-summer escape promises to be one you will never forget!

Sunrise over the Beach

While you may not want to get up that early every day of your stay, setting aside at least one morning to witness one of Mother Nature’s most breathtaking masterpieces is guaranteed to create some special memories. Head down to the beach, bury your toes in the sand, sit back and prepare to be amazed as you watch the sky turn from inky black to azure blue, falling in love with every colorful stage in between! You can always go back to The Dunes home away from home for a couple more hours of sleep, or you can make great use of this early morning rising with a visit to Island Café for a hearty breakfast and a delicious cup of coffee! Located at 301 S Allister Street, they don’t open until 8 AM, but that’s ok; sunrise on Labor Day in Port Aransas should arrive at 7:09 AM, giving you plenty of time to be first in line for deliciousness!

A Walk in the Park

Roberts Point Park, located on the water at 301 J C Barr Boulevard offers something for everyone to enjoy! Playground equipment for your children to run mild on, a pavilion that provides shade for your Labor Day picnic, and a sidewalk that runs along the water; all of these things and more can make your celebration one for the memory books! A dock that leads further out onto the water provides a great spot to get an up-close look at the activity on the waters and is also popular at sunset!

Go Fishing

The best way to celebrate a day with no labor is with a fishing pole, a bucket of bait, and a cooler filled with your favorite beverages and Port Aransas has a surplus of all 3! Named the Fishing Capital of Texas, guests can spend some “me time” hours on the Horace Caldwell Pier which stretches out over 1200 feet into the gulf waters and is known to be a spot where the fish (and sharks!) are always biting! Yes, we said sharks, the meat of which is quite delicious, so don’t be scared off by the name! The largest shark ever caught off the pier was a tiger shark that was a whopping 13+ feet long, so who knows? Maybe you will catch a record breaker! Deep-Sea Fishing is another popular activity, especially for those who hope to catch the biggest and most delicious fish in the sea. Hot Spot Fishing Charters, Coastal Charters, and C & T Bay Charters are all good companies to use, inspiring a passion for fishing in even the most unenthusiastic of people!

Take a Drive on the Wild Side

Aransas National Wildlife Refuge, 1 Wildlife Circle, offers over 115,000 acres of a protected area and offers auto tours that take guests through this beautiful section of the earth! Home to a variety of creatures both large and small and the waters that surround the refuge also protect the sea life. In the winter the Refuge is the migratory home of the rare and endangered Whooping Crane. Your Labor Day in Port Aransas visit is a little too soon to expect to see any Whooping Cranes, but there will be plenty of other birds and animals visible during your tour, and perhaps, the idea of seeing a whooping crane in the wild can be an impetus to convince you to come back for a winter visit!

Holidays are for Family

And The Dunes holiday hideaways provide all the comforts of home, giving you and your family the opportunity to enjoy being together as you celebrate! Hang out in the dining rooms of our escapes, playing board games and laughing together as you don’t often get the opportunity to do so in real life. Relax on balconies and patios that overlook the sea and the beaches you will be playing on as often as possible and watch the sunset (or rise!) with your toes buried in the sand. These moments of pure glee will make memories you will never be able to forget! Reserve your favorite escape today!