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Beach Bum Journey to Port Aransas

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You came to Port Aransas for Texas warmth, fun, sand, sun, and water of the Gulf of Mexico. While there are many things to do and see that don’t include water or sand, your priority is an island and beach vacation. With a trip to Port Aransas, you’re in luck! There are plenty of beach activities to fill your time. Laze the day away or take advantage of the many activities that keep you close to the sand throughout your trip. Keep in mind some activities may require special licenses or permits, like fishing and boating licenses, before heading out. Check out this beach bum journey to Port Aransas below!


Swimming is sort of a no-brainer when it comes to island vacations. No matter where that island is, being surrounded by water means being surrounded by water activities. Slip into your swimsuit and grab your towel. Whether you choose to wade in and stay close to shore or get your daily exercise with a swim out past the breakers, taking a dip in the Gulf of Mexico is near the top of many activity lists for beach bums who visit Port A.

Surf Camp

The picture of a cliché beach bum often includes a swim suit, sunglasses, towel – and a surf board. A beach bum journey to Port Aransas is the perfect place to make the cliché look a reality for you and your traveling companions. Get schooled on catching the perfect wave on a traditional surf board, windsurfing, or both. Professional instructors will take you from a land-based introduction to the board all the way up to catching your first wave and riding it to shore. Many companies even rent gear, so when you’re comfortable with your new skills, you can enjoy the activity with just you and your friends.

Jet Skis

It’s easy to laze away the day at the beach without a care. For those beach bums who feel the need for speed, you’ll have an adrenaline-pumping good time when you rent a jet ski and slice through the waters of the Gulf around Port A at top speed. There are several companies that rent jet skis for plenty of fast-paced water excitement. Companies also charter jet ski excursions and tours of the area, so if you want to get comfortable with the craft or see some of the best places around the island, choose a charter tour. Keep in mind you may need to obtain a Texas boating certificate before piloting a craft, either on your own or during a group tour.


You’d think it’s the ultimate in beach bum activities. Cast a line and wait for a bite. If it’s a casual activity for you, it may be a fun and slower paced way to keep close to the sand and water of the Gulf. Cast a lazy line from Horace Caldwell Fishing Pier and wait for a bit, or head down to Fisherman’s Wharf where you can charter a fishing boat to take you to the best fishing spots around the area. Many of the companies there offer half-day six-hour charters, as well as full days or multiple days afloat. At this point, it may not seem like beach bumming anymore, but tours are a great way to find a place a little further from your accommodations with a different beach atmosphere to experience. Make sure everyone in the group scores the appropriate Texas fishing license before heading out.


While jet skiing is typically a solo or two-person adventure, your large group can pile into one vessel together for a good time on the water. Rent a boat from one of the many companies in the area, then strike out on your own water adventure. You can set sail for a favorite fishing destination, drop anchor and go for a swim, or hook up for water sports that involve toys like tubes, skis, wakeboards, and more. Make sure the captain or captains have valid Texas boating licenses before heading out.

Beach Bum Life in Port Aransas

Planning an island getaway means planning for participating in the many activities often found there. Take the first step in planning a beach bum’s getaway of a lifetime when you stay in a vacation rental in Port A provided by The Dunes. As the only condo community located right on the beach, you’ll enjoy easy access to the beach and the crashing waves of the Gulf, and its many beach activities. You’ll spend most of your time on the water, but make sure to check out the other Port A attractions and activities. Check out the other area attractions and activities, score some new beach gear at local shops, or fuel up for a day at the beach at the many restaurants. We offer one-bedroom units all the way up to three bedrooms for you and all your beach bum friends. Prepare meals in the fully equipped kitchen. Afterward, spread out in an open living space for a movie or to relax and recount the day’s activities. Enjoy the view from the private balcony or patio or spend some time near the pool.

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