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Summer Journey to Port A

You came to Port A for Texas warmth, fun, sun, and the sand and water at the beach along the Texas Gulf Coast. While the heat is turned up a bit compared to the rest of the year, there are many reasons to pack your bags and head to the cozy island for a summer journey to port A. Fill your days with a myriad of beach and water activities, as well as some activities that take you inside and away from the beat of the sun. 


Spread out your blanket and plant your beach umbrella to lounge on the sand with a book, sunbathe, swim, help the kids build sandcastles, or take your daily walk or run on the beach. Pack a picnic basket with your favorite summer treats and spread out the beach blanket for a picnic by the water. 

Surf Camp 

The warm summer waters of the Gulf are the perfect environment for fun water activities. Many of the adventures in and around Port A have to do with the water, and surfing is no exception. Learn how to catch the perfect wave on a traditional surfboard, windsurfing equipment, or both.  

Professional instructors will take you from an on-land introduction to the board all the way up to catching your first wave and riding it back to shore. Many companies also rent gear outside of the lesson, so when you’re comfortable with your new skills, you can enjoy the adrenaline-pumping activity on your own with your loved ones. 

Underwater Adventures 

Book a snorkeling or SCUBA diving tour and plunge under the water. You’ll see a side of Port A and the Gulf of Mexico you can’t see from the inside of a tour boat. Many companies offer SCUBA certification before the trip. Anyone who wants to rent gear to dive on their own later needs to be certified. 


The easy, all-ages, and year-round activity is one visitors of all ages and skill levels can enjoy this Port A summer journey. Charter a tour or rent some gear and strike out on your own. Check out the bays and shallow waters, piers, and jetties, or ask about the best places to see what’s biting in the Fishing Capital of Texas. If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush with your catch of the day, head out on a deep-sea trip – you’ll hook species such as kingfish, marlin, tuna, and others who lurk in the deeper waters of the Gulf. 

Port Aransas Museum & Farley’s Historic Boat Shop 

The museum resides in a 1900s kit house donated to the Port Aransas Preservation and Historical Association. Explore a number of permanent exhibits, as well as special rotating exhibits. Farley’s historic boat house and shop pays homage to the Farley family of boat builders. They started building tarpon fishing boats in Port A in 1914.  

The museum depicts the evolution of the business, from its various locations around Port A to its closing in 1973. The current location was opened in 2011 and houses the museum as well as a working boat-building facility. 

Glowing Kayak Tour 

Enjoy a different kind of kayak tour! While many enjoy a serene paddle in the morning, those who just can’t make the early wakeup call can enjoy a different experience. Board a clear kayak lit up by special underwater LED lights! The clear boat allows you to see not only the multiple colors of LED light settings you can choose, but the underwater world beneath you, too. Set the lights to your favorite colors and style preferences, then paddle along as your tour guide points out landmarks and fills you in on the history of the area. Tours are 1.5 hours long and during nighttime hours only. 

Red Dragon Pirate Cruise 

If your summer vacation to Port A includes kids, or even kids-at-heart, book a cruise and sail for the high seas like the pirates of old! Cruise the waters of the Lydia Ann Channel and experience dolphin watching, sword fighting, treasure hunting, cannon fire, and plenty more pirate fun aboard!  

Enjoy soft drinks and snacks, as well as beer, wine, pina coladas, rum, tequila, and whiskey-based drinks for the adult pirates to enjoy. Don’t forget to pack your camera! 

Journey to Port A This Summer 

When you stay in a vacation rental this summer in Port A provided by The Dunes, you’ll enjoy easy access to all the island’s summer fun. You’re close to the beach and the crashing waves of the Gulf, and its many activities. We’re close to many other area attractions, tours, shopping, dining, and activities the area has to offer. 

Choose from one-bedroom units all the way up to three-bedroom units for your larger group. Make use of the fully equipped kitchen to prepare delicious home-cooked meals, retreat to a private bedroom, or spread out in an open living space for a movie or activity with loved ones. Enjoy the view from a private balcony or patio or spend some time near the pool. 

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