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Best Photography Spots in Port Aransas

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Your smart phone or camera will be full of pictures and videos by the time you’re heading home from vacation, no matter where in the world you go. Port A has many attractions and activities, from historic landmarks and can’t-miss island activities – with their cameras – on a virtually daily basis. You’ll no doubt get pictures wherever you go, from dining and shopping establishments to all of your fun Port A adventures, but you’ll want to make sure to add some of these very Insta-worthy opportunities at the best photography spots in Port Aransas to your Port A picture-taking itinerary. Again, don’t forget to bring your camera!

bird flying over water hand holding a camera

Chapel on the Dunes

The historic 1930s church is worthy of several pictures, inside and out. It was built by Aline Carter, a former Texas poet laureate. Inside, take in the alter and tile work are based on drawings designed by Carter herself. The outside of the structure is unassuming, but the twisting staircase and surrounding vegetation will have you making the climb with your camera ready. The church no longer holds regular religious services, but you can tour the church building and grounds during tours organized by the Port Aransas Museum.

Lydia Ann Lighthouse

Built in 1857, after the area’s trade through Aransas Pass began booming, the Lydia Ann Lighthouse, also known as the Aransas Pass Light Station, is not accessible by road. The towering light was one of the original Texas stations of the Lighthouse Service and is the second oldest on the Texas coast. The light is not accessible by land, so majestic pictures of the historic structure can only be snapped from the water.

Horace Caldwell Pier

The Horace Caldwell Pier is just steps from your Dunes vacation rental and boasts a beautiful view for you and your camera. You can access the pier and its beauty 24/7, but there are pier attendants available during business hours (9 a.m. – 5 p.m.) if you plan to fish and need some extra supplies. The concrete pier stretches 1,230 feet out into the Gulf, so you can snap pictures of the rippling waves before they crash onto the shore or score panoramic pics of the water or back toward shore.


Not many people get pictures from a bird’s eye view, but you can and also feel your adrenaline pump. Sail up to 500 feet above the water of the Gulf during an 8- to 10-minute ride. Keep your eyes peeled and camera ready to snap pics of sea life below. You’ll no doubt be gripping your camera tight, but make sure it’s waterproof just in case. Many companies offer a photo and video package including a GoPro to shoot the ride from your point of view without worrying about losing irreplaceable pictures.

The Tarpon Inn

Constructed of surplus lumber from Civil War barracks in 1886, the inn originally housed workers constructing Mansfield Jetty. It became a hotel after the jetty was completed, and after a major hurricane and tidal wave in 1919, the structure was rebuilt with reinforcements against future damage. The inn was listed on the National Register of Historic Places, as well as becoming a Texas Historic Landmark. The inn building itself is picturesque, built in the same style as the original structure. Step inside the main lobby for another must-take pic and snap shots of the over 7,000 tarpon scales, each signed by the angler who hooked the fish. Make sure to capture the one signed by former president Franklin D. Roosevelt, who fished on the coast in 1937 but didn’t stay at the inn. Other famous guests include Duncan Hines, Clyde Beatty, and many more.


Don’t wait to have your location considered for a list of “best” places. Just about anywhere on the island is a great place to snap a pic. Along the beach, while you’re out exploring, or even just stepping out onto the patio or balcony of your rental. Whatever you consider a perfect picture, make sure to capture it!

Picture Perfect Port A

You’re going to have plenty of “photographic evidence” of your trip to Port A, around your many adventures in the area and photography spots in Port Aransas. When you stay in a vacation rental provided by The Dunes, you’ll enjoy easy access to the beach and the crashing waves of the Gulf, and the many other picture-ready locations around the island. We’re close to many other area attractions, tours, shopping, dining, and activities the area has to offer where you’ll get a pic or two along the way. Choose from one-bedroom units all the way up to three-bedroom units for your larger group. Prepare a delicious home-cooked meal in the fully equipped kitchen, retreat to a private bedroom, or spread out in an open living space for a movie or to relax. Enjoy the view – and picture-taking – from the private balcony or patio or spend some time near the pool. For a premium experience, choose a unit with bonuses like multiple flat screen TVs, stainless steel appliances, and more.

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