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Are you looking for a romantic getaway this Valentine’s Day? If so, consider going on a romantic trip to Port Aransas. This small coastal town is the perfect place to relax and enjoy quality time with your significant other. Plus, there are plenty of activities to keep you entertained throughout your stay. Here’s everything you need to know about visiting Port Aransas for Valentine’s Day.

Mustang Island

Mustang Island is a beautiful place located off the coast of Texas. Its long beaches, towering sand dunes, and sunny blue skies make it an ideal spot for visitors searching for a getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Visitors can relax as they walk along the beach or watch dolphins and seabirds play in the surf. Further along the beach, you may spot some native wildlife, such as pelicans or tortoises. In addition to its natural beauty, Mustang Island has plenty to offer in terms of activities. There are kayaking tours that allow guests to explore the island’s marine life, picnic areas ideal for soaking up the sun, and a host of local dining options ranging from casual beachside bars to more upscale restaurants. For those looking for more exhilarating fun, there are fishing charters, parasailing tours, and scuba diving lessons to be had. When taken all together, it’s easy to see why this small town located on Mustang Island is quickly becoming one of Texas’s most popular vacation destinations.

Go Fishing

Looking for a fun and relaxing way to spend a day? Why not go fishing in Port Aransas? The waters off the coast of this Texas town are teeming with fish, including redfish, trout, and flounder. You can head out on your own or hire a guide to show you the best spots. And even if you don’t catch anything, you’re sure to enjoy the beautiful scenery and fresh air.

Enjoy a Sunset Cruise

Going on a sunset cruise in Port Aransas is a unique and unforgettable experience. As you approach the harbor, you’ll get a taste of the soothing tropical atmosphere that pervades the area. On board the boat, you have a panoramic view of the surrounding coastline – perfect for admiring beautiful views of sand dunes, lighthouses, and wildlife as they come into focus. And as if that weren’t enough, you’ll be privy to an amazing sunset. As the sun slowly sinks below the horizon, you will enjoy seeing shades of orange and pink slowly spread out across the sky in a dazzling display of nature’s beauty. Directly opposite the sun is usually a lovely moon lighting up your evening excursion with its soft glow. The perfect way to cap off a great day off, taking in a sunset cruise in Port Aransas is surely one that won’t soon be forgotten.

Plan a Romantic Dinner

If you’re looking for a rewarding and romantic experience, you can’t go wrong with planning a dinner in Port Aransas. The small coastal town offers the perfect backdrop – clear skies and starry nights, salty ocean breezes, and a relaxed atmosphere. Start with a leisurely stroll along the beach or even an evening bike ride to take in the sights. Then find a cozy spot among the restaurants and bars in historic Port Aransas, where you can enjoy low-key music and delicious seafood dishes while enjoying each other’s company. Whether you choose a rooftop patio or hidden alcove with an outdoor firepit, these charming establishments provide the ideal site for a romantic evening out. Adding to that special atmosphere is the lively local culture – friendly folks, artists selling their wares from doorways, performances from street musicians – all of it heightening the intensity of your connection with one another. If ever there was a place for lovebirds to create lasting memories, it’s Port Aransas!

Experience Parasailing

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of soaring high above the water, surrounded by nothing but blue skies and fresh air. If you’re looking for an exhilarating way to enjoy the outdoors, consider going parasailing in Port Aransas. Parasailing is a great activity for all ages, and it’s the perfect way to take in the beautiful scenery of the coast. Plus, there’s no need to worry about getting wet – you’ll be safely harnessed to a parachute that will keep you dry as you fly. So come on out and enjoy the ride of a lifetime!

Book Your Romantic Trip to Port Aransas

Port Aransas is the perfect place to get away with your loved one this Valentine’s Day. With its beautiful beaches and endless activities, you’ll be sure to have a romantic time. So, what are you waiting for? Contact our team of reservation specialists to book your vacation rental at The Dunes in Port Aransas and to learn about all of the activities waiting for you.

Are you looking for a place to stay during your next vacation? If so, consider a stay in Port Aransas and book our Unit 404 . This beautiful vacation rental has everything you need and more. Plus, staying in Unit 404 gives you the opportunity to experience Port Aransas like a local. Learn more about this charming property below!

Features and Amenities

Wake up every morning to watch the sunrise over the Gulf of Mexico when you stay at Unit 404. This beautiful 2-bedroom, 2-bath property has everything you need to experience a memorable beach getaway. Located on the fourth floor, this charming condo features a spacious floor plan equipped with upgraded appliances. The master bedroom has a king-sized bed and an en suite bathroom with a walk-in shower. Although the second bedroom may not be the master, it certainly doesn’t feel like it. The second bedroom features a king bed and a bathroom with a tub/shower combination.

This luxury rental is excellent for relaxing after a fun-filled day, packing with water activities, fishing, and plenty more. Unwind by watching movies with friends or playing a few rounds of your favorite board game. Unit 404 is your own slice of paradise!

Visit Mustang Island State Park

Mustang Island State Park is a great place to spend a day, whether you’re looking to relax on the beach or explore the nature trails. There’s plenty of room to set up a picnic, and if you’re feeling adventurous, you can go fishing or bird watching. The staff is very friendly and helpful, and they even offer Ranger-led programs for both kids and adults. Whether you’re looking for a day of fun in the sun or a chance to learn more about the natural world, Mustang Island State Park is definitely worth a visit.

Check out the Port Aransas Museum

Port Aransas is a small town with a big history. Located on Mustang Island off the coast of Texas, the town has been a popular tourist destination for over a hundred years. And with its rich maritime heritage, it’s no wonder the Port Aransas Museum is such a popular attraction. The museum is home to exhibits on local culture and maritime history, including the famous shipwreck of the Port Aransas Queen. Visitors can also learn about the town’s role in the American Civil War and see artifacts from the days when pirates roamed the Gulf of Mexico.

Ride the Port Aransas Ferry

There’s no better way to kick off your beach vacation than by taking a ride on The Port Aransas Ferry System. This Texas tradition is one of the best ways to reach Port Aransas from the north. If you keep an eye, you might even spot a few dolphins greeting you along the way. The ferry operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, weather permitting.

The Art Center of Port Aransas

The Art Center of Port Aransas is a great place to see some beautiful artwork. The galleries are always filled with rotating exhibitions, and the staff is always happy to answer any questions you might have about the art on display. In addition to being a wonderful place to view art, the Art Center also hosts a variety of workshops and classes. These range from one-time classes on specific topics to more ongoing courses that meet regularly. They even have a youth program for kids!

Head to One of the Local Bars or Restaurants

Looking for a fun night out in Port Aransas? There’s no need to look any further than the local bars and restaurants! Whether you’re in the mood for some pub grub or a delicious seafood meal, there’s sure to be a spot that hits the spot. Plus, with a wide range of prices and atmospheres, you can easily find the perfect place to suit your mood.

Enjoy the Beach

And finally, don’t forget about the beach! Whether you want to relax on the sand or go swimming, there’s no shortage of coastline here. The water is always warm, and the sun is shining, so it’s the perfect place to spend a day. And if you get bored of lying on the beach, there’s plenty of other activities to keep you busy. Jet skiing, windsurfing, and kayaking are all popular options. Or you could take a walk along the shoreline and enjoy the unique shore birds and serenity of the moving waves. With so much to see and do, the beach is definitely worth a visit.

Reserve Your Stay in Port Aransas

If you’re looking for a great place to relax and enjoy the outdoors, The Dunes Condominiums in Port Aransas is the perfect spot for you. And what better place to enjoy than a stay in Port Aransas, in one of our comfortable and spacious vacation rentals. Book Unit 404 today and start planning your dream getaway! Contact us here!

Are you looking to get out of town for Thanksgiving? There’s no better destination than Port Aransas, Texas. Our beach city is located along the Gulf of Mexico and offers visitors the ultimate holiday escape. Spend your days reconnecting with family by lounging on the beach, exploring sea life beneath the waves, and fishing in the bay. Discover what makes Thanksgiving in Port Aransas fantastic and book your stay with us today!

Enjoy More Fun

There is much to be thankful for when you visit Port Aransas, Texas. The average temperature in our coastal city in November is a cool 70 degrees. Before enjoying a delicious Thanksgiving feast, check out the many activities waiting for you, including a trip to the beach. Dig your toes in the sand and watch the waves crash along the shore right in front of you. Whether you’d like to swim in the water or sunbathe on the sand, you’re sure to enjoy your time at the beach. Make sure you bring your sand tools and challenge the entire family to a sandcastle competition and see who has the most skill.

Known as the “Fishing Capital of Texas,” Port Aransas is the ultimate fishing destination for professional anglers and those just beginning. Whether you’re looking to fish in the bay or venture into the deeper waters, you’ll find plenty of fish in the sea. You can catch species of trout, redfish, flounder, red snapper, tuna, marlin, and shark. Add your fresh catch to your Thanksgiving menu by cooking it at home or taking it to a local eatery where they can cook it to your liking. Before heading out on the water, visit the Port Aransas Fisherman’s Wharf for everything you need to have a successful day, including fishing gear, bait, and more.

A trip to Port Aransas is complete once you’ve taken a ride on The Port Aransas Ferry System. Operated by the Texas Department of Transportation, this Port Aransas tradition offers a fun way to reach the coast from the north. Step outside the car as you embark on a journey to your long-awaited destination, and you may catch a glimpse of dolphins greeting you along the way. The ferry operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, weather permitting.

If you’re looking for a rush of adrenaline, you’ve come to the right place. Our island offers visitors plenty of fun in and out of the water. Experience a birds-eye view of Port Aransas by booking your parasailing excursion and see what sea creatures you can spot from above, including dolphins and fish. Another great way to explore Lone Star State’s coastline is by venturing on a jet ski in the water. This fun and exciting activity is the ultimate adventure and is great for the entire family. For a one-of-a-kind experience in Port Aransas, explore the Port Aransas coast at night on a glowing kayak tour. This unique experience is offered by Glow Row and starts at $39.95 per person. The tour begins at Lighthouse Landing and lasts approximately 1.5 hours. Guests will enjoy a journey filled with laughter and sea life you can see through the clear kayak as you travel one-mile roundtrip.

Exciting Events

Port Aransas offers visitors and locals an exciting calendar of upcoming events this November. Before stuffing your face with your favorite Thanksgiving dishes, participate in the famous Port Aransas Realty Turkey Trot. This local event is hosted by the Palmilla Beach Resort and raises funds for scholarships for Trinity by the Sea Episcopal Day School. This family-friendly event races for everyone, including a 5k run/walk, a 2k walk, and a turkey trot for children in Pre-K and under.

After Thanksgiving in Port Aransas, it’s officially time to get in the Christmas spirit, and there’s no better way to do so than by kicking holiday shopping into gear. On November 26th, the Port Aransas Civic Center is hosting the Holiday Market. Browse local vendors selling fine art photography, ceramics, jewelry, and more.

Book Your Stay for Thanksgiving in Port Aransas

Port Aransas is fun for the entire family. Our slice of paradise has excellent beaches, fun events, and all your favorite water activities. When it’s time to unwind, kick your feet up at one of our beautiful Dunes Condominiums vacation rentals. We feature a selection of condo properties in a location you can’t beat. Our beachfront condo community features style and comfort and is your next home away from home this Thanksgiving in Port Aransas. Enjoy beautiful furnishings, upgraded amenities, a large heated in-ground pool, and a relaxing spa. Contact our team of reservation specialists to book your stay at one of our lovely properties. Your Thanksgiving vacation awaits!

Port Aransas, Texas, is a fun, exciting, and vibrant destination that is located along the coast of vibrant Texas. Along with having numerous beaches, restaurants, outdoor activities, and friendly locals, there are dozens of accommodation options that are suitable for you and your party.

Head to Port Aransas for your upcoming holiday to enjoy heading to the beach, catching waves, and getting a tan during the summer. You can also come here in the fall to visit the beach with fewer crowds, head to one of the mouth-watering local restaurants, and avoid the lines when it comes to fun things to do.

In fact, we think the best time to visit Port Aransas is in October! There are dozens of things to do in Port Aransas, ranging from outdoor activities to water sports to fun cultural attractions. You can do anything you want, without the thousands of tourists and long lines that can turn your vacation on its head.

Let’s check out the best things to do here in this coastal Texan town for the upcoming Halloween season!

Things to Do in Port Aransas: FITsique 5k Halloween Run

Looking to stay active during your upcoming holiday? We think that’s a great idea! Instead of feeling guilty after a few days of indulging, you can stay up to date with your running plan and feel good about your weekend getaway. Sign up for the FITsique 5k Halloween Run on Bigelow Street in Aransas Pass, Texas, to get in your steps, break your 5k time, and go on a friendly jog with like-minded people!

Halloween Comic Book Extravaganza

We are sure that everyone has read a few comic books at some stage! If this sounds like you, head to the Halloween Extravaganza 2022 at Comics Plus in Port Aransas, TX. this exciting event offers introductory issues, one-of-a-kind comics, and much more collectible items that are great for your unique collection!

Beach Pumpkin Hustle

The Beach Pumpkin Hustle is a fun and exciting event held on October 26th in Port Aransas, TX. Sign up for the 5k run or walk or the kids’ fun run on Beach Street to enjoy some exercise and get in your 10k steps during your Halloween holiday! Not only will you have a fun time getting in some exercise, but you can see all that Port Aransas has to offer on the exciting loop course.

The 5th Annual Halloween Bar Crawl

Are you coming to Port Aransas with your best friends during the upcoming fall season? We think that you will have a fantastic time! Head here with your adult friends to attend the biggest pub crawl of the entire year. This event keeps growing every single year due to its participating bars, great reviews, and amazing city that keeps people going all day long.

Head to the 5th Annual Halloween Bar Crawl in Corpus Christi on October 29th to enjoy two or more drinks or shots with your ticket, a free US stadium cup, one-of-a-kind drink specials, good specials at specific venues, and a free cover at all of the participating bars and pubs!

Accommodation in Port Aransas

Does Texas sound like the ideal spot to kick back, relax, and have a fun fall season? We don’t blame you! Your vacation should start here — the ideal spot where nature meets beauty and dunes meet the beach.

Any time of year that you head to Port Aransas, you’re sure to have an enchanting time but there’s something extra special about the fall. Not only is there a plethora of activities and events but the weather is absolutely perfect! All season long you’ll want to be outside in the sun and attending all the of the things to do in the area.

Plus, you will have a blast attending the nearby Halloween events during your time in Port Aransas! It doesn’t matter if you are a fan of outdoor activities, indoor attractions, or kid-friendly things to do — Port Aransas has something for everyone during October.

Check out The Dunes to book a luxurious and modern accommodation rental that is suitable for parties of all sizes and people of all ages. We make sure that you have the best time possible, offering top-rated condominiums right on the beach!

Not only do we have a wide variety of rentals, but our employees make sure that we have the customers’ interests at heart. If you need something, we can get it for you. Visit our website The Dunes today to get started booking your one-of-a-kind rental that will make your vacation unforgettable — we do everything we can to ensure you, your family or your friends have a memorable holiday!

Port Aransas may be known as the “Fishing Capital of Texas”, but there’s more to this beach town than just fishing. Guests from all over Texas and the country come to this charming town to enjoy some fun in the sun. Whether you’re headed on the ultimate fishing adventure or looking to bask in the sun, Port Aransas welcomes you with wide open arms. Once it’s time to relax and prepare for the following day, we invite you to slumber in our condo rental in Port Aransas in unit 603. Overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, this two-bedroom rental is the perfect home away from home.

Features and Amenities

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to watch the sunrise over the Gulf of Mexico? Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore. From Unit 603’s private balcony, you can enjoy your morning coffee or tea as the sun slowly appears above the horizon. Located on the sixth floor, this two-bedroom, two-bath condo rental in Port Aransas features a spacious floor plan equipped with upgraded appliances. The master bedroom has a king-sized bed and an en-suite bathroom with a walk-in shower. Although the second bedroom may not be the master, it certainly doesn’t feel like any less. The second bedroom features a king bed and a bathroom with a tub/shower combination.

This luxury rental is excellent for unwinding after an excitement-filled day. Watch movies with friends or play a few rounds of your favorite board game. Unit 603 is your own slice of paradise!

Explore the Area

Are you looking to cast your line in the open sea? Or tee off at the golf course? Or maybe you are simply looking to sunbathe on Port Aransas Beach. Regardless of what activity you’re hoping to enjoy, Port Aransas has you covered. Be sure to pack plenty of sunscreens because you may find yourself not wanting to leave the beach. Enjoy your toes in the sand and the warm Texas sun as you experience the beach life. Bring blankets, a chair, an umbrella, and of course, tools to make a sandcastle during your trip to the coast.

A trip to Port Aransas wouldn’t be complete until you’ve enjoyed the world-class fishing off of our Texas coast. Whether you’re new to the fishing game or an experienced angler, you can find yourself reeling in a prize. Some species you can catch include trout, redfish, flounder, red snapper, tuna, marlin, and shark. In preparation for your day on the water, visit Port Aransas Fishermans Wharf for everything you need to have a successful day, including fishing gear, bait, apparel, sunglasses, and more. Located at 900 Tarpon St, Port Aransas, TX 78373.

This Texas beach town boasts plenty of exciting activities, but the area also features an array of dining options. If you’re craving fresh seafood, you have an endless variety of options. A local favorite is FINS Grill and Icehouse. Bring in your catch of the day and the team at FINS will cook it to perfection for you. Enjoy live music, gulf views, and great company during your visit.

Located at 420 W Cotter Avenue, Port Aransas, TX.
Dig into a fresh bowl of guacamole when you stop by La Playa Mexican Grille. Since 2002, this Port Aransas restaurant has been a favorite among locals and visitors. Their extensive menu boasts delicious Mexican flavors, including tres mariscos enchiladas, island nachos, ceviche, soft tacos, and more. But that’s not at all. La Playa Mexican Grille is home to more than 70 different tequilas, so kick back, relax, and enjoy a margarita at the beach. Located at 222 Beach Ave, Port Aransas, TX 78373.

There’s no better way to kick off your vacation than a ride on The Port Aransas Ferry System.
This Texas tradition is one of the best ways to reach Port Aransas from the north. Step outside of the car as you embark on a journey to your long-awaited destination. If you keep an eye, you might even spot a few dolphins greeting you along the way. The ferry operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, weather permitting.

Book Your Getaway Home

Port Aransas, Texas is fun for the entire family. Whether you’re looking to enjoy an activity-filled trip or simply go where the wind blows, our beach town is its very own slice of paradise. When it’s time to take a break from the fun and rinse off all of the sand, the team at The Dunes has you covered. Our beachfront condo community features both style and comfort. Enjoy our large in-ground pool and relaxing spa. Contact our team of reservation specialists at 361-749-5155 to learn about all of the exciting activities and attractions waiting for you on the coast, and to book your stay at our lovely unit 603. Your vacation awaits!

If you come to Port Aransas hoping to see colorful trees, feel cool temperatures, and wear your warm sweaters that have been packed away for the year, well, you may be a little disappointed. If, however, you make your way to our section of paradise hoping to extend the fun of summer a little longer, only without all the suffocating humidity associated with the heat of summer, we at The Dunes want to be the first to welcome you home! This part of Texas does experience much of what you might consider traditional fall experiences, but that tends to occur closer to the winter months! Instead, the glory days of summer continue into the fall, offering beach days, lazy evenings, and lower temperatures that will make you want to spend as much time outside as possible! This guide to the best fall activities in Port Aransas will help make sure you don’t miss out on a single moment of fun!

Sunrise in Paradise

Every vacation deserves to have at least one sunrise shining in it and your Port Aransas fall escape is no exception. Plan on rising early at least one day, you can always go back to bed after the “show” is over, and marvel in the wonder of a beautiful fall morning filled with color! The fire in the sky is enhanced by the clear waters of the sea underneath and as you sit out on your balcony letting the serenity of sunrise fill your soul, you will know that this moment will be the brightest moment in a vacation filled with beauty!

Breakfast for Champions!

Whether you chose to go back to bed after your early rise and are just getting around to enjoying breakfast later in the morning or your grumbling stomach demands you seek an early meal, one traditional fall breakfast can be enjoyed at Coach’s Island Grill, located at 717 Tarpon Street which serves the best pancakes in the state! We can’t answer why pancakes are always the best breakfast on cooler mornings in fall, but we can promise Coach’s fluffy treats never fail to please! Carb load your way to a sweeter outlook on life and worry about the extra calories AFTER you return home!

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Lower temperatures encourage visitors to get outside and play as often as possible and the Nature Preserve at Charlie’s Pasture offers a breathtaking and educational way to enjoy the weather! Offering guided nature walks every Saturday morning at 8 and Nature Preserve yoga on Tuesdays at 12:30 pm, there are also picnic tables and pavilions at which you can enjoy the peace and serenity of this protected spot, perhaps checking out the wildlife that shyly make their presence known during these beautiful days of the year. The Leonabelle Turnbull Birding Center, located at Ross Avenue is another amazing place to walk on the wild side, offering an observation area where you can watch birds take flight (Port Aransas is a favored spot for bird watching, so add an app to your phone, grab some binoculars and start keeping track of all you see) or watch lazy alligators sleep, hunt, and relax from your safe perch far above! The views from here will take your breath away and signage along the boardwalk will show pictures of some of the birds you can expect to see during your adventures at the Birding Center.


You may not have expected to enjoy a golf vacation during your fall escape to Port Aransas but the Palmilla Beach Golf Club, located at 258 Snapdragon, offers nine holes of natural beauty interspersed with the immaculately groomed greens that will be the spot of your greatest triumphs or your lowest lows! Get up early and enjoy the cooler early morning temps and after you finish your first nine, turn around and do it again as the day stays mild and beautiful! Finish off your 18 holes with a visit to the 19th hole, REDS patio bar, and enjoy a day that is as close to perfect as you dreamt it could be!

The Beauty of Home & Fall Activities in Port Aransas

All of the above adventures will be enhanced by the comforts found in your Dunes seasonal sanctuary! Offering a variety of luxurious condos in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles, you can watch your favorite scary movies (have they finally killed off Michael Myers, or is that a series that will continue forever?) on state-of-the-art televisions, enjoy a spicy bowl of Texas chili that you created yourself in our fully equipped kitchens, and just relax and savor the peace of the sea from the vantage point of the balcony! Reserve your favorite escape today and let the joy of fall that still feels like summer fills your heart!

It may be hard to believe, but we are closer to summer’s end than we are to its beginning, making today the perfect time to start planning your last hurrah celebration, otherwise known as Labor Day weekend! And whether your kids are already back in school or Labor Day weekend also signifies the beginning of the new school year, everyone will be ready to relax, explore, and enjoy comfortable adventures in The Dunes’ beachside escapes! Spend your days enjoying all the fun activities we have listed in this guide to Labor Day in Port Aransas and spend your nights enjoying happy dreams and all the comforts of home; this end-of-summer escape promises to be one you will never forget!

Sunrise over the Beach

While you may not want to get up that early every day of your stay, setting aside at least one morning to witness one of Mother Nature’s most breathtaking masterpieces is guaranteed to create some special memories. Head down to the beach, bury your toes in the sand, sit back and prepare to be amazed as you watch the sky turn from inky black to azure blue, falling in love with every colorful stage in between! You can always go back to The Dunes home away from home for a couple more hours of sleep, or you can make great use of this early morning rising with a visit to Island Café for a hearty breakfast and a delicious cup of coffee! Located at 301 S Allister Street, they don’t open until 8 AM, but that’s ok; sunrise on Labor Day in Port Aransas should arrive at 7:09 AM, giving you plenty of time to be first in line for deliciousness!

A Walk in the Park

Roberts Point Park, located on the water at 301 J C Barr Boulevard offers something for everyone to enjoy! Playground equipment for your children to run mild on, a pavilion that provides shade for your Labor Day picnic, and a sidewalk that runs along the water; all of these things and more can make your celebration one for the memory books! A dock that leads further out onto the water provides a great spot to get an up-close look at the activity on the waters and is also popular at sunset!

Go Fishing

The best way to celebrate a day with no labor is with a fishing pole, a bucket of bait, and a cooler filled with your favorite beverages and Port Aransas has a surplus of all 3! Named the Fishing Capital of Texas, guests can spend some “me time” hours on the Horace Caldwell Pier which stretches out over 1200 feet into the gulf waters and is known to be a spot where the fish (and sharks!) are always biting! Yes, we said sharks, the meat of which is quite delicious, so don’t be scared off by the name! The largest shark ever caught off the pier was a tiger shark that was a whopping 13+ feet long, so who knows? Maybe you will catch a record breaker! Deep-Sea Fishing is another popular activity, especially for those who hope to catch the biggest and most delicious fish in the sea. Hot Spot Fishing Charters, Coastal Charters, and C & T Bay Charters are all good companies to use, inspiring a passion for fishing in even the most unenthusiastic of people!

Take a Drive on the Wild Side

Aransas National Wildlife Refuge, 1 Wildlife Circle, offers over 115,000 acres of a protected area and offers auto tours that take guests through this beautiful section of the earth! Home to a variety of creatures both large and small and the waters that surround the refuge also protect the sea life. In the winter the Refuge is the migratory home of the rare and endangered Whooping Crane. Your Labor Day in Port Aransas visit is a little too soon to expect to see any Whooping Cranes, but there will be plenty of other birds and animals visible during your tour, and perhaps, the idea of seeing a whooping crane in the wild can be an impetus to convince you to come back for a winter visit!

Holidays are for Family

And The Dunes holiday hideaways provide all the comforts of home, giving you and your family the opportunity to enjoy being together as you celebrate! Hang out in the dining rooms of our escapes, playing board games and laughing together as you don’t often get the opportunity to do so in real life. Relax on balconies and patios that overlook the sea and the beaches you will be playing on as often as possible and watch the sunset (or rise!) with your toes buried in the sand. These moments of pure glee will make memories you will never be able to forget! Reserve your favorite escape today!

Whenever someone comes to visit Port Aransas they probably expect to enjoy some time by the beach. Port Aransas is the top beach destination here in Texas where you can enjoy the beautiful shores of the Gulf of Mexico. Visitors need to find their favorite Port Aransas vacation rentals that will match their expectations for the perfect stay. That is where Unit 207 located at The Dunes comes in. This lovely condominium property features a tropical beach theme unit that is perfect for a family looking to enjoy a stay. Take a look at what is found inside this incredible property:

Gorgeous Property

Visitors of Port Aransas will be happy to know they will be right by the beach when they book a stay at Unit 207. This unit is part of a larger condominium property that is just steps away from the beach. You will find a spacious parking lot ensuring you a space for your vehicle every time. Unit 207 is located up a short flight of steps or elevator ride onto the second floor of the property. The exterior is a gorgeous rustic brick that will welcome you before you take a step inside.

Spacious Interior

The interior of Unit 207 will have you feeling like you were just transported all the way to Hawaii. The décor and design feature plenty of tropical theme décor and bamboo furniture. Guests will step inside Unit 207 and be welcomed by the spacious living room. The room features a lengthy space where everyone can relax on the comfy sofa or love seat. A huge queen palm and tropical theme décor make you feel right at home. The room also features a wall-mounted Smart TV where you can unwind with your favorite TV programming. The back patio can be accessed from the living room which leads to direct views of the ocean. Unit 207 features an open floor plan so you will be just steps away from the kitchen when in the living room. The gourmet kitchen provides you with everything you need to prepare a delicious meal. The stainless-steel appliances offer plenty of space to cook your meal and store any leftovers. It comes with a separate kitchen island that comes with barstool seating allowing more space for dinner or to set up with a weekend brunch. The cabinets come stocked with all of the cookware and utensils you need for your feast. The kitchen comes with granite flooring making for easy clean-up in case there are any spills. Once you are ready to eat the dining room table is just off to the side. A beautiful wooden back wall with mirrors offers a luxury ambiance to your meal. On the other side of you is a large mural of the ocean to add to the tropical theme. Dining in has never been better than enjoying your meal at unit 207.

Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Unit 207 comes with a total of two bedrooms inside the unit. The master suite is located near the front of the unit and comes with a spacious king-size bed fitted with fine linens. The room comes with an en suite bathroom complete with a tub/shower combination found inside. Another bedroom is located in the unit located near the ocean-side patio deck. This room also comes with a king-size bed and en suite bathroom with a tub/shower combination. Mini flat-screen TVs can be found inside each room allowing you to unwind in the evening. Additional sleeping arrangements can be made with the comfortable sofas in the living room too. You will not have enjoyed a more comfortable night of sleep here in Port Aransas.

Complex Amenities

When you stay at The Dunes you will also have access to the local complex amenities found inside. The first is the luxury swimming pool that lets you soak up rays under the sun. There is plenty of umbrella shade or lay out on the chaise lounge chairs. A spacious green lawn lets the little ones run around having a blast. The best amenity of staying at The Dunes is how close you will be to the ocean. Guests will be just steps away from the sandy beach and pier. Splash around in the ocean or try your hand at fishing off the pier. The Gulf of Mexico features warmer water than other coasts so you can expect a great time soaking in the water. This is definitely one of the best Port Aransas vacation rentals available in the area!

Port Aransas is Waiting

If you are looking for the ideal vacation destination where you can recharge yourself or have a personal adventure look no further than Port Aransas. Unit 207 at The Dunes will keep you comfortable all stay long during your visit. Make sure to book your stay in advance before this highly desirable property is already booked up for your time in the area.

The summer season is already here and the temperatures are going up. Make a much-needed vacation getaway summer to the beautiful coast of Port Aransas. This coastal Texas town is known for its beaches along the Gulf of Mexico along with fishing waterways and exotic wildlife in the surrounding wetlands. The 4th of July holiday is the perfect reason for you to create a new family tradition by making your way to Port Aransas. You can enjoy patriotic events along with plenty of summer activities here in the area. Take a look at why you need to make your way to Port Aransas for this year’s 4th of July celebration:

Port Aransas Fireworks Display

No 4th of July in Port Aransas celebration is ever complete without a fireworks display to light up the night sky. Port Aransas features its own celebration with the annual fireworks display. Each year the fireworks kick off at Roberts Point Park as a free event open to everyone. The fireworks display does not disappoint and is a huge display that lights up the entire sky. This year’s event will take place from 8:30 PM to 10:00 PM and will be one of the best events yet. Make sure to bring a blanket to set up a picnic and lay back to watch the show unfold.

45th Annual Mayor’s Big Bang Celebration

Port Aransas is just a short drive away from local neighbor Corpus Christi where their mayor puts on a thrilling 4th of July in Port Aransas celebration like no other. This event takes place all day on the 4th of July in Downtown Corpus Christi right off the waterfront. The celebration technically starts off on Sunday, July 3rd with a fireworks display that will be shot off right over the water. This 20-minute fireworks display will also feature choreographed music that can be played on local radio stations. The fireworks show starts at 9:30 PM sharp and will be a sight to see over the waterfront. The rest of the festival will take place on July 4th and will include local vendors and a 4-mile fun run in the morning. The residents of Texas know how to celebrate the 4th of July right!

Visit Mustang Island State Park

A visit to Port Aransas on the 4th of July will also let you enjoy a variety of summer activities in the area. One activity that is a must-see is visiting Mustang Island State Park. This local park is shared between Port Aransas and Corpus Christi and takes up 3,954 acres of space. Here you will find a gorgeous state park with incredible coastlines for views and a variety of hiking trails. There are plenty of spots to set up a picnic to see the beautiful water line. Relax on the beach and make sandcastles or hit the water for kayaking or surfing. Mustang Island State Park is the perfect spot for outdoor fun!

Book a Deep-Sea Fishing Tour

Port Aransas is off the coast of Texas allowing you to enjoy some exciting deep-sea fishing. You can do that by booking a tour with Badfish Sportfishing. This local charter features a wonderful yacht that will host you and your family to reel up the perfect catch. The boat comes with luxury amenities such as full-size restrooms and bedrooms along with air conditioning. Grab a drink from the onsite saloon located on the boat as well. This is a fishing journey like no other here in Port Aransas.

Explore the Nightlife

Port Aransas has a variety of nightlife venues including bars and restaurants that are exciting to check out. Bernie’s Beach House is a local favorite for late-night fun such as dancing. The venue features five full-service bars and a menu full of delicious eats. The dance floor has plenty of room for everyone. Local bands and DJs set the stage for an unforgettable night with friends. Don’t miss out on an exciting night here at Bernie’s Beach House

Book a Dolphin Tour

The Gulf of Mexico is known for its abundance of dolphin sightings which you can do by booking a tour with Dolphin Adventures. Their Scarlet Lady is the most well-known dolphin charter in the area. The public tour has you enjoying the sightseeing adventure with plenty of others while the private charter is perfect for a more intimate experience. Regardless of how you book you will see these stunning creatures enjoy their natural habitat of the Gulf of Mexico. Enjoy this all-ages activity in Port Aransas.

Summer Fun in Port Aransas

As you can see the fun never stops during the summer here in Port Aransas. Click here to book with The Dunes today and find the perfect vacation rental for you and your family in the area.

Taking time to unwind and relax somewhere scenic and exciting is something everyone deserves to enjoy once in a while. When you’re the type of traveler that can’t wait to embrace the best of a destination brimming over with sand, sun, and surf, there’s no better place to set your travel sights than Port Aransas, Texas! This welcoming and sun-soaked destination is one where it’s just as easy for guests to spend time shopping and dining their way through a stay as it is to dedicate their downtime to the shoreline. Whether you’re one for the sand or can’t wait to get out on the waves, Port Aransas is packed with options that are designed to inspire. When you’re looking to enhance the experience even further, booking a stay in Unit 908 at The Dunes is sure to satisfy you. This 2-bed, 2-bath Port Aransas vacation home can easily welcome up to 6-guests at a time making it the perfect Port Aransas home away from home for solo travelers, couples, and small groups alike. Unit 908 is newly renovated and provides guests with all the upscale amenities and comforts travelers crave when far from home. It’s also an oasis of scenery, offering up impeccable waterfront and beach views as well as prime proximity to area fun.

Interior Amenities

When space, natural light, and colorful coastal style are all priorities, Unit 908 checks every box on the list. This spacious open living Port Aransas vacation home makes it simple for guests to move with ease between living, dining, entertainment, and sleeping spaces every day of a stay. The open floorplan is paired up with large windows throughout as well, many of them floor-to-ceiling in dimension. This combination of features further enhances the sense of living space available while also framing an inspiring view and promoting maximum light flow at all times. The living room in Unit 908 is a testament to shoreline design details, captivating colors, and comfort. Here, guests will find a plush beige sofa topped with bright orange throw pillows featuring coral-inspired designs. The sofa is accompanied by a collection of rattan accent chairs hosting throw pillows of the same orange variety! The entire collection is settled around a plank-topped coffee table hosting a bowl full of seashells, effectively bringing the beauty of the outdoors right inside. When entertainment value is a priority, guests will appreciate that the living room also hosts a large flat-screen television mounted on the far wall which is adorned in an eye-catching light blue/green hue.

The living room opens to the dining area and kitchen which works well for those guests who are looking to balance time dining out with time dining in. Serving breakfast, lunch, or dinner is a breeze in this culinary space which features a large center island with barstool seating, spacious counters, stainless-steel appliances, and custom white cabinetry already stocked with cookware too. When it’s time to enjoy a meal, guests can gather around the dining room table fit for six at a time that’s settled between the living room and kitchen. Sleek tile flooring connects the living room, dining area, and kitchen while overhead, guests will love the modern lighting features that bring a little innovation into the aesthetic as well!

Getting a good night’s sleep is a breeze in Unit 908. The master suite in this Port Aransas vacation home hosts a king bedroom set as well as an ensuite bath complete with a shower. The second bedroom hosts two twin beds and a shower and tub combo for added convenience. Both bedrooms enjoy great views of the beach and water and are also outfitted with their own televisions.

Exterior Features

Guests who book Unit 908 will never have to venture far to find the fresh air fun or a view. Through doors in the living room, visitors can access the unit’s private balcony complete with cozy chairs as well. This is a wonderful place to watch the ships sail by through the channel or enjoy people watching on the sand below. If you’re an early riser, this balcony is a refreshing place to take in the sunrise with a hot cup of coffee in hand. Those looking for more in the way of outdoor fun will enjoy the fact that this property’s building links up to a boardwalk at lobby level that leads straight to the beach! Guests can also take advantage of access to the shared pool complete with a sprawling deck dotted with loungers for those moments when nothing sounds better than an afternoon of soaking up the sun.

Book Your Port Aransas Adventure Today

When you’re ready to make the most of a Port Aransas getaway and are looking for luxurious accommodations to match, The Dunes has you covered. Reach out today to learn more about booking Unit 908 for your next visit. We can’t wait to see you here soon!