You blinked and it happened. The year is almost over, and the big holidays have arrived, bringing with them equal parts stress and excitement, starting with Thanksgiving. Most of us will stay home this holiday, cleaning our homes, causing our bank accounts to wince at the strain of the grocery budget, and cooking all our favorite foods, foods that our grumpiest relatives will complain about instead of enjoying the family feast! The fortunate ones, however, have learned how to avoid the pitfalls of the holiday meant to be about being thankful, and planning getaways filled with serenity, comfort, and the love and gratitude of our closest family members. Even more fortunate are the ones who choose to spend Thanksgiving in Port Aransas and our holiday hideaways at The Dunes, enjoying dinners at local restaurants, sunrise, sunset, and moonlit walks along the sandy shores of the sea, and experiencing everything that makes Thanksgiving wonderful while regaining their holiday spirit that may have been lacking over previous years. This guide to Thanksgiving in our favorite seaside hometown may be just what you need to start making changes to your holiday celebrations!

A Little Pre-Planning for Thanksgiving in Port Aransas

The holidays also bring a cornucopia of treats and calorie-laden meals, and if you are worried about looking good in your new swimsuit, (temperatures can reach the mid-70s in Port A over Thanksgiving!) you may be tempted to avoid your favorite foods. A little pre-planning, however, can make all the difference, even if you yield to the temptation of a second piece of pumpkin pie, when you register to participate in the Port Aransas Turkey Trot, held on November 22! Taking place at the Palmilla Beach Resort & Golf Community, 132 Palmilla Beach Drive, this worthy activity won’t just save your waistline, the proceeds will go towards programs and provide scholarships for one of our non-profit schools, the Episcopal Day School. If this fun run sounds like too much of a commitment, however, there are little things you can do that will make all the difference. Want a second helping of stuffing? Wake up early on Thanksgiving morning and take a sunrise stroll on the beach, letting the beauty in the sky distract you from the exercise. Craving a cup of brandy-spiked eggnog? Take the same walk at sunset and as the kaleidoscope of colors lights up the skies you were admiring earlier that day, you will find more to be thankful for and stave off a higher pants size!

Time to Feast

When asked what we are thankful for, we don’t have to think hard to come up with an answer, especially as the focus of the day is on the comfort foods we all love, but just like you, we often don’t feel like cooking. Fortunately, there are quite a few restaurants that will be open in our little section of paradise, filled with efficient and friendly staff who will prepare, serve, and clean up after the meal we just devoured, giving our guests options too. For example, Virginia’s on the Bay, located at 815 S Trout Street, can be counted on to offer a traditional Thanksgiving buffet, staying open from 11 AM until 2 PM, serving guests and then allowing their staff to enjoy the rest of the holiday at home with their own families. Dylan’s Coal Oven Pizzeria, 128 Market Street Suite D, normally our go-to place for delicious pizza, surprises us with a traditional turkey dinner, offering takeout only the day before Thanksgiving, a meal that will taste even better when enjoyed at home with seaside views!

Happy Beach-giving!

Your Thanksgiving at the beach (beach-giving!) will be one you never forget, especially when you choose to stay home and explore the comforts our holiday havens offer to all who reside within. Prepare your own gourmet feast in our fully equipped kitchens, (or just heat up the meal you purchased from Dylan’s) watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade on supersized state-of-the-art televisions, and take long luxurious naps on sofas so comfortable, your tryptophan trance will end with snores! Texas is a big football state, so you know every game possible will be waiting to be watched on those same televisions, and because the pictures on the screens are so clear, you will feel as if you are standing on the sidelines—watch out for surprise tackles! After the last piece of the pie has been devoured and the wishbone has been split in two, the dining room table that was just groaning from the sheer volume of food placed upon it will be the perfect spot to plan your Black Friday shopping adventures.

Every moment of your holiday in paradise will be your favorite one when you choose to celebrate in our comfortable and inviting Thanksgiving rentals. Reserve your favorite property today! Make your reservation now at and find your Beach-giving retreat!