When it is time to celebrate the first man we have ever loved, we tend to underplay the big day, as dads are the original unsung heroes in our lives, and they often prefer it that way. Preferring to walk behind the scenes, making sure our cars are washed before we head off on long trips, that the grass is mowed, and that the electric bills remain low by walking around behind us, turning off the lights in every room, they are often uncomfortable with any extra attention, but we at The Dunes think there is a way that you can make Father’s Day a different situation this year. A Texas-sized Port Aransas getaway, where he can do all the things he loves to do, will help him realize that he does like sort of a fuss, and that yes, his children really do recognize his heroism, while the comforts he discovers in our vacation hideaways will ensure that he gets to relax and take all the naps he needs to be fresh for his dad joke telling moments.

Starting the Day Out the Right Way

Our moms often prefer fancy restaurants in which they are made to feel like queens as they dine, but dads are a different breed altogether. These stalwart souls like generous portions of plain food (preferably meat and potatoes at every meal) served in low-key spots where they feel comfortable and at home, and Island Café is where we suggest you bring your dad for breakfast as often as he likes. Serving coffee out of chunky white mugs imprinted with the name of the restaurant, Island Café is closed on Tuesdays and open for breakfast and lunch every other day of the week. Their grits can be cheesy, their steaks offer a cowboy accent to the first meal of the day, and their pancakes are destined to add something sweet to their morning.

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Solo Adventures for Dad

Just because he has agreed to be celebrated, it doesn’t mean that dad is going to completely jump on board doing all the people-y things moms and adult children love to do, so let him partake in some solo adventures will place him back in his comfort zone. His happiest moments during his Port Aransas getaway may be the ones spent at water’s edge with pole in hand and a cooler filled with his favorite beverages at his side, with Redfish Bay being his ultimate destination. Of course, most dads have dreamed of catching the big game fish, and a deep sea fishing charter such as Deep Sea Headquarters (361-749-5597) and Fisherman’s Wharf (361-749-5448) can help make dad’s wildest dreams come true.

Good to Golf

Although moms may love to golf, there is no bigger fan of the sport than good old dad, and when he spends a few hours at the Palmilla Beach Golf Club, he will come home a changed man. The course isn’t your typical 18-hole course, nor is it even a 9-hole one, but its 12 holes are challenging without being intimidating and its position alongside the Gulf of Mexico will lend an air of serenity to even the worst day on the tees. Its 19th hole, REDS, ensures that no good day on the greens will go uncelebrated and no bad day will have to be mourned alone.

Sipping and Savoring

If your dad loves to belly up to a local bar, there are plenty of opportunities for him to sip and savor the good times he is having on his Texas trip of a lifetime, including the Salty Dog Saloon, located at 203 N Alister Street. This is a local bar, nothing fancy, nothing frou-frou, and always offering a good time for all who seek one, and although they don’t serve food, they do allow guests to bring in outside food, so if he’s hungry, tell him to stop for burgers someplace first. Another local bar dad may appreciate, Lelo’s Island Bar, serves a full menu if dad doesn’t want to make an additional stop.

At Home with the Hero of Your World

When your hero needs long naps on a lazy Tuesday afternoon, a family barbecue on a warm summer’s day, or simply some time in front of the television, perhaps watching his favorite team win the basketball championships, coming home to his Port Aransas rental for Father’s Day from The Dunes will be the cherry on the top of one of the best vacation sundaes ever. Offering all the comforts of home and all the modern conveniences that will catch dad’s interest, his time spent with us will definitely bring some of the most memorable moments and happiest memories. For instance, Dad can simply go right down to the sand and relax by the water.

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