The first food truck came out in 1936 and was, believe it or not, the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile, a truck shaped like a hot dog used for advertising and for selling hot dogs to hungry diners. It didn’t take long for restaurants to take note, and although in the early days of food trucks, the food served could have been considered rather questionable, today they are the creators and sellers of gourmet foods and can make a delicious addition to your vacation experiences. If your journey brings you to Port Aransas for a stay in our vacation rental sanctuaries, this guide to some of the top Port Aransas food trucks will make your taste buds stand up and cheer.

Rollin’ Tide Boil Company

A good old-fashioned crab boil has been a seaside tradition for centuries, and Rollin’ Tide Boil Company allows visitors and locals to enjoy the tradition without all the work that generally accompanies the meal. Located at 321 On the Beach Drive, there is no need to catch your own crab, to purchase the potatoes, corn, and sausage, that is integral to the crab boil, and all you need to do is head to Rollin’ Tide to make your order and devour it on a picnic table on the beach! Offering a taste of the sea that is pure Texas, this tasty truck is definitely one of our favorites.

Tropical Sno of Port Aransas

On a hot summer day, nothing cools you down faster than a sweet and frosty shaved ice cone sold by Tropical Sno of Port Aransas. This food truck is permanently located in a parking lot at 501 S. Alister, providing a convenient place to take a break while enjoying all the shops that are housed on Alister. There is something about a truly excellent shaved ice, all sweet, colorful, and cool, that just makes the sun shine brighter and elevates even the most depressed of moods.

Toscano Burgers and More

A road trip up the coast is always a good idea in Port Aransas, and if your rental car points in the direction of Rockport, we recommend checking in on Toscano Burgers and More. Their burgers are topped with farm-fresh produce and the buns offer a perfect complement to the juicy patties piled high on each. If you are in Texas for a special event, they also do catering, so consider giving them a call.

Coming Soon

The laws of Port Aransas are such that free-roaming food trucks are not permitted, but restaurants can sell their wares from a food truck permanently parked on the property. This is why the two Port A Food Trucks we mentioned above are located at permanent addresses, but that doesn’t mean they don’t appear for special events, including the upcoming SandFest. Taking place April 19 through April 21 this year, it is the largest beach sand sculpture contest in the entire country, and accompanying the artists and their work will be live music and a delicious selection of food trucks for your dining enjoyment. No vendors are listed as of yet, but going off what was offered in previous years, guests can expect burgers, barbecue, and even some good old-fashioned down-home Southern cooking that will make you glad you chose to visit SandFest!

More for the Road

As we just stated, Port Aransas has a complicated relationship with food trucks, but we are in the process of trying to change that. In the meantime, a visit to nearby Corpus Christi will offer a huge selection of these delicious mobile units, a few of which we have listed below.

  • Taco Bar Street – Serving America’s newest favorite handheld, the tacos served at Taco Bar Street will make you wish that every day was Taco Tuesday.
  • Marti McPies – Every vacation deserves a great piece of pizza and the pies sold at Marti McPies will never disappoint.
  • Snack Daddy’s Ice Cream – Taking the standard ice cream truck to new levels of sophistication, Snack Daddy’s offers the perfect treat for a beautiful summer day.
  • Wings & Wiches – Offering exactly what you think a place named Wings & Wiches might serve, this yummy food truck is definitely worth the road trip.

At Home with The Dunes

Our fully equipped kitchens make meal prep easy, but we absolutely understand that travelers don’t want to do kitchen chores while on vacation! We work hard to ensure that our guests enjoy a vacation filled with fun, comfort, and flavor and a visit to any of the food trucks listed above will prove that. Offering culinary adventures you can’t experience anywhere else if these Port Aransas food trucks don’t make you excited, it’s ok; we have a big town filled with the best restaurants in the state. Reserve your favorite sanctuary with us today!