Spring is the season of promise, and we at The Dunes promise that these top spring events in Port Aransas will bring you joy, excitement, and a sincere longing that you could stay a little longer. The weather is as close to perfect as it can be, the sea waters will start to be warm and inviting, and all the comforts of home will be waiting for you every night when you come home to our seasonal sanctuaries, ensuring that every minute of every day and night will be your favorites. This guide to the top spring events in Port Aransas will encourage you to stop dreaming and start planning a beautiful spring vacation on the beaches of our coastal village.

PRL Texas Pro South #1, April 5 & 6, Robert’s Point Park

Professional fishermen and women will want to sign up for this fun fishing competition, which takes place over three separate occasions, with the first one occurring in April. The winners in all three Texas South Divisional Events will qualify for the 2024 Redfish World Series held in September in Louisianna, but if you are just here to watch the weigh-ins, that is ok too! If you aren’t a professional fisher, you will probably find the admittance fees a little steep, as they start at $750, with side pots costing more. However, with the Redfish World Series pot reaching $100,000 for the first-place team, you can probably understand the appeal of this fun tournament!

Texas SandFest, April 19-21, Port Aransas Beach

Chances are everyone has tried to build a sandcastle at least once in their lifetime, discovering that it isn’t as easy as you would think to construct one. We have been told it has something to do not just with the tools you use, but most importantly in the water-to-sand ratio, and although we have been known to create some good ones, the Texas SandFest does its best to make us feel like we are lacking something in the skills department! Sand sculptors from all over the world make their way to our beaches every April, working to create winning sculptures that never fail to impress. Also offering lessons, music, food, and a huge wow factor, this is one of the largest beach festivals in our state and will be an exciting addition to your vacation itinerary.

PalmFest, May 5-6, Robert’s Point Park

If you spend any time at all in Port Aransas, chances are you will end up at Robert’s Point Park at least once during your stay, and if you are here over May 5th and 6th, we highly recommend attending PalmFest. Your favorite bands will be covered in the outdoor amphitheater at the park, and as you sing along (you will know all the words!) and dance freely and happily to the music that instantly takes you back to some of the best times in your life, the sounds, scents, and serenity of the sea will be an integral part of the tribute bands’ performances.

Memorial Day Weekend, May 25-27, Everywhere in Port A

Although there aren’t any specific events taking place during this spring holiday that ushers in the summer’s festivities, there is always something going on this wonderful weekend! From parties at local watering holes to amazing sales in the local shops, every minute will represent the best of summer in the spring. Even if you choose to do nothing more than hang out at the beach every day, waking up early to watch the sun rise over the sea and staying until it dips down into the horizon every evening, you will definitely consider your Port A getaway a successful escape.

2024 BGC Battle on the Bay BBQ Cook-Off May 3-5 Rockport Beach

This last event in May involves a little bit of a road trip, but how can you go wrong when the sun is shining, the skies are blue, and delicious food is the pot of gold at the end of your road trip rainbow? Rockport is located just 18 miles away from your doorstep with The Dunes, and this Battle on the Bay is destined to be your favorite event of all! Benefitting the Boys & Girls Club of Aransas County and offering live bands, children’s activities, vendors, and of course, some of the best Texas Barbecue you will ever devour, ticket prices start at $10 and top out at $5000. But don’t panic; that cost is for event sponsors—you won’t have to pay anywhere near that much.

Movie Nights, Game Days, and So Much More

Your favorite events in Port Aransas may be less organized and a lot more fun as you gather with your family in your seasonal sanctuary from The Dunes, enjoying movie nights on state-of-the-art televisions and gaming marathons held at our inviting and welcoming dining room tables. Reserve your favorite spring haven today!