Unlike other locales that may be covered in snow and ice, Port A enjoys comfortable temperatures year-round. You’ll find activities most places reserve for summer are still in full force. Hang out on the beach, go jet skiing, parasailing, and more. Explore below the cooler waves of the Gulf on underwater adventures like snorkeling and SCUBA trips, or keep to the land with sightseeing, shopping, dining, and live performances like theater and music. 

Are The Pool & Spa Heated? 

The pool is heated by the beat of the warm beat of the Texas sun. Due to no artificial heating, however, the pool may be a bit cooler in the winter months. Our hot tub, however, is heated! No matter what time of year you come, you can soothe sore muscles with the heat and jets of the spa. 

Are Your Rentals Self-Check-In? 

They certainly are! You won’t have to go to a separate location to pick up keys or other items that grant access to the home. You will receive a code to open the main entrance to the home once your booking is confirmed. Once you’re settled, you’ll continue to use the code while you come and go during your stay. 

Will I Have Neighbors? 

Yes. The Dunes is a residential condo community. This means there’s a mix of both permanent residents and other vacationers. Please be a good neighbor and keep the noise and activity level to a minimum and obey all quiet hours. Connect with your neighbors at community spaces like the pool, sun deck, or tennis court. Contact us today!